Shaylynn Hayes-Raymond

Counsellor, Advocate, Author, Director of The International Misophonia Foundation

My name is Shaylynn Hayes-Raymond and…

I am a counselling therapist in New Brunswick, Canada and have been an advocate for misophonia since 2015. I have run the website Misophonia International and am the Director of the non-profit The International Misophonia Foundation. I was a web and graphic designer for many years, and publish fiction, non fiction, poetry, and am avid blogger. I am passionate about misophonia through both a personal and counselling lens as I also have misophonia.

I am interested in the following areas of practice:
Misophonia, Sensory Processing, Grief/Loss, Shopping Addiction, OCD, Depression, and Anxiety, and Trauma.

Therapy available in Canada upon request.

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Misophonia Matters is available now

Misophonia Matters is an advocacy-based coping skills approach for adults, teens, and clinicians by long-time advocate Shaylynn Hayes-Raymond. Shaylynn has been advocating for misophonia since 2015 and moved to a career in counselling based on her experiences as a misophonia advocate and sufferer of the disorder. The Misophonia Matters approach includes advocacy, psychoeducation, sensory-based skills, and cognitive and psychological skills. Worksheets are presented throughout the book. Central to Misophonia Matters is the idea that while we cannot treat and prevent misophonia, we can learn to navigate and adapt to our world through accommodation, coping skills, and an empathetic advocacy-based approach. A class based on the Misophonia Matters book will be offered through The International Misophonia Foundation.

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