Memoir Writing Workshops

Writing is a beautiful way to process your world, your thoughts, and your experiences.

The narrative within each of us is complex and enriched by values, experiences, and events that no one else can claim as their own. Even as our stories become similar, no person will have the same web of intricacies as you. As an author, I have written for over a decade, and much of this was used as a way to process my own experiences and understand the world around me. Writing has helped me with grief, trauma, anxiety, and just a general listnessness that comes with being human. Each time a friend, colleague, or really anybody comes to me telling me that they, “don’t know how they feel about their past” I hear a voice inside of me asking… “did you write about it?”. I have been an avid-journaler for years, and I often re-read these journals. I find deep pleasure re-reading the pieces that I wrote when I was in a different head-space or age. I firmly believe that a narrative approach to understanding ourselves is one that is inherently human, as, “I think, therefore I am”.

How We Survive Ourselves originally started as a fictionalized journal during a period of depression. I wrote the first 50 or so pages on my iPhone notes app, many years before I turned it into a fully-fledged book.

Workshop Goals

This workshop will follow the process of workshopping 1 creative non-fiction short story in an interactive peer-based Zoom group. This class assumes basic English literacy of at least a Grade 12 (American/Canadian) level. This is a 4 part group and takes place over the course of 1 month. Each group only has 6 slots to ensure that there is enough time for each person to receive feedback.

Cost and Duration: $500 USD (before tax and fees).
Four 2 hour sessions.

Session 1: Introduction to Writing Creative Non-Fiction

In the first Zoom session a technical perspective and background will be offered on writing memoir-based creative non-fiction. Questions and Answers will be provided to help attendees conceptualize the course goals. This serves as an introduction.

Session 2: Writing Your Creative Non-Fiction Piece

During this second session you will start brainstorming your piece. You will be asked to write prompts on your idea for your creative-non fiction. Each member will then be asked to share their outline with the group. Between classes you will write your first draft.

Session 3: Sharing your Creative Non-Fiction First Draft

In the first Zoom session each member of the group will share their creative non fiction memoir piece. Then, other group members will have the opportunity to provide feedback on the piece. This is a constructive session and must follow vigorous guidelines.

Session 4: Sharing Your Final Draft and Reflection

In the final session, you will share your final draft of your creative non-fiction memoir short story. Group members will have the chance to reflect on the experience and discuss the work in an open conversation. Final thoughts and remarks will be shared with the group.

Curious about my qualifications?

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These workshops are a coaching experience.

As a coaching experience, these writing workshops are not therapy. These workshops are meant to help you share your experiences through narrative writing and learn the craft of memoir writing from an author who has struggled with mental illness. If you require therapy please seek out services in your jurisdiction.

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