Misophonia Coaching

Shaylynn Hayes-Raymond

Shaylynn Hayes-Raymond holds a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology and has been an advocate for misophonia since 2015. Shaylynn has misophonia and is the director of The International Misophonia Foundation. Shaylynn is the author of Full of Sound and Fury and Misophonia Matters. All coaching for misophonia is based on the Misophonia Matters book and is NOT a therapy service, but rather coaching to offer coping skills and psychoeducation for the disorder.

What the Coaching Program Entails

This package includes 8 coaching sessions with Shaylynn Hayes-Raymond. Coaching sessions are NOT therapy sessions. All coaching sessions are offered as an experience-based skills building session, and do not have the same goals as therapeutic relationships. This is pre-pay only. This package is limited to space and availability. These sessions are designed to last 2 months with 1 appointment per week on the same day/time each week.

Cost $1000 USD for 8 coaching sessions 
Taxes and fees not included. If you need to reschedule one of the sessions please do so 48 hours before-hand.

Session 1: Initial appointment. Psychoeducation mixed with learning about the client.
Session 2: Misophonia self-assessment followed by debriefing and seeing the client’s perspective on the assessment.
Session 3: More psychoeducation/skills building with cognitive and sensory-based strategies.
Session 4, 5, 6, & 7: More focus on coping skills, building strategies, and the sensory diet.
Session 8: Misophonia assessment and debriefing on the coaching process.

This coaching program is offered worldwide through Zoom.

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Misophonia Matters 2 Month Coaching Program

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