Misophonia Matters 2 Month Therapy Program

This package includes 8 therapy sessions with Shaylynn Hayes-Raymond, the author of Misophonia Matters and the creator of the Misophonia Matters course. Shaylynn is also the director of the International Misophonia Foundation and holds a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology, and is licensed in New Brunswick, Canada as an LCT-C. This package was created to be a more affordable alternative to on-going therapy sessions and is a structured program. This package is limited to space and availability. These sessions are designed to last 2 months with 1 appointment per week on the same day/time each week.


$150/session at a total of $1,200. Insurance reimbursal is available, and direct billing is provided for select Insurance companies. If you need to reschedule one of the sessions please do so 48 hours before-hand.

What the Therapy Program entails
Session 1: Initial appointment. Psychoeducation mixed with learning about the client.
Session 2: Misophonia assessment followed by debriefing and seeing the client’s perspective on the assessment.
Session 3: More psychoeducation/skills building with cognitive and sensory-based strategies. Work together on an advocacy plan and a written letter of support if accommodations are necessary.
Session 4, 5, 6, & 7: More focus on coping skills, building strategies, and the sensory diet.
Session 8: Misophonia assessment and debriefing on the therapy process.

For those who would rather a cost-effective and shorter version (or who are outside of Canada), the on-demand Misophonia Matters class is available below.

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Misophonia Matters 2 Month Therapy Program

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Misophonia is hard to live with, but there are coping skills!

Misophonia Matters is an advocacy-based coping skills class, book, and workbook for adults, teens, and clinicians by long-time advocate Shaylynn Hayes-Raymond. Shaylynn has been advocating for misophonia since 2015 and moved to a career in counselling based on her experiences as a misophonia advocate and sufferer of the disorder. The Misophonia Matters approach includes advocacy, psychoeducation, sensory-based skills, and cognitive and psychological skills. Worksheets are presented throughout the program. Central to Misophonia Matters is the idea that while we cannot treat and prevent misophonia, we can learn to navigate and adapt to our world through accommodation, coping skills, and an empathetic advocacy-based approach.


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